Hi! It's me!

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Email - jayden@deslab.co.nz
Call - 021 122 2857

Hi! I'm Jayden
Interactive Designer & Developer
Located in Auckland, NZ

Hi! I'm Jayden Szekely, an audacious creative specialising in Interactive Design and web technologies with a passion to see the internet become more than a hub of information, but a hub of art which shares your story.    I consider myself to be a visionary which is why I believe in constantly trying new trends and technologies including webVR, and the latest design trends because I believe creativity is about pushing the boundaries and status quo to deliver something breathtaking.

"I see the internet as a place where Art meets Code, where information collides with beauty, where simplicity says more than complexity, where your story is told by colours, shapes, images, videos, fonts and words - The devices we as designers share our art, and share your stories on will continue to change as we have seen in the last 7 years changing from desktop to mobile and a continued push on AR & VR technologies, we as designers must continue to adapt our to communicate your story to the masses." - Jayden Szekely, 2017

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